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Translube Lube Sticks Crane Cab Seat
Our Price: $10.50
Our Price: $1,315.00
Translube Lube Sticks Crane Cab Seat
66031 Translube Lubricating Sticks.  Easily installs into Lubestick holder (87047) sold separately. United Crane Cab Seat - Pt.#SS-SA19700.901, Heavy Duty mechanical suspension with shock damper, 4 in. stroke, Mid Height seat back profile, Adjustable lumbar
                                   support, seat belt anchorage to ISO 6683 & SAE J386, double locking slide rails. Operator weight 110 to 290 lbs.
Mondel 10" Mill Duty AC Thruster Shoe Brake Jet-Lube Open Gear Lubricant - 1 Gallon Can
Our Price: $6,230.00
Our Price: $155.00
Mondel 10" Mill Duty AC Thruster Shoe Brake Jet-Lube Open Gear Lubricant - 1 Gallon Can
Mondel Mill Duty 10" AC Thruster Shoe Brake
          200 Lb. ft. Rated Torque, 230/460/3/60Hz, Internal Torque Spring
          Manual Adjustment for lining wear, Manual hand release, AISE dimensions,
          Temp. range of -13 to 121 deg.
          Brake Wheel not included.
Open Gear Lubricant, Great for Pinion gears in Heavy Duty Applications. Size/Net Weight 1 Gal. Jug, Temp Range -25 to 350 F, Flash Point 430 F, VOC Content 260g/L, Specific Gravity 1.1, Film Type Paste, Black Color, Contains An Additive for Extreme Pressure, Resists Heat and Pressure, Moisture Resistant, Displaces Water, For the Railroad Industry: Open gears, Chains, Cables, Wire ropes, Fifth Wheel of Tractors, Trucks, Leaf Springs, Drive Chain, Petroleum Oil Base
Crane Cab Seat Universal Safety Harness
Our Price: $995.00
Our Price: $151.00
Crane Cab Seat Universal Safety Harness
United Crane Cab Seat - Pt.#KAB-87514, Mechanical suspension with shock damper, 2 in. stroke, Low seat back profile, Full range backrest recline,
                                   Heavy Duty double locking slide rails, Black waterproof vinyl trim. weight range is 110 to 270 Lbs.
Feature lightweight polyester webbing with sub-pelvic straps for added support. Sliding back D-ring with D-ring pad provides added comfort. Pull-free lanyard ring allows user to attach lanyard when not in use. Fall indicators signal when unit must be removed from service.
Meets OSHA, ANSI, and CSA standards
Tensile strength: 6000 lb.
Capacity: 400 lb.



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Blackbear YL-100 Lever Hoist

Our Price: $185.00
Blackbear YL-100 Lever Hoist
BlackBear Lever Hoist - 2200 Lbs. Capacity with 10' chain. Single Chain Fall
Heavy Duty.

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