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Crane Cab Heater Universal Safety Harness
Our Price: $475.50
Our Price: $151.00
Crane Cab Heater Universal Safety Harness
Crane Cab Heater w/ switch
Natural convection heaters are ideal for heating crane cabs, guard houses and other normally unheated areas. All heaters feature heavy-duty wirewound heating elements mounted in a rugged galvanized steel enclosure with perforated cover. All units are suitable for floor or wall mounting and have convenient knockouts for permanent conduit installation. Heavy-duty DC rated switches are also available for on/off or multiple heat settings.
Feature lightweight polyester webbing with sub-pelvic straps for added support. Sliding back D-ring with D-ring pad provides added comfort. Pull-free lanyard ring allows user to attach lanyard when not in use. Fall indicators signal when unit must be removed from service.
Meets OSHA, ANSI, and CSA standards
Tensile strength: 6000 lb.
Capacity: 400 lb.
Crosby New Style Hook Latch - Hook Code ID "L" Crane Cab Seat
Our Price: $41.10
Our Price: $995.00
Crosby S-4320 Hook Latch Kit Pt.#1096657 Crane Cab Seat
Crosby S-4055 Hook Latch Kit  Pt.#1090143 United Crane Cab Seat - Pt.#KAB-87514, Mechanical suspension with shock damper, 2 in. stroke, Low seat back profile, Full range backrest recline,
                                   Heavy Duty double locking slide rails, Black waterproof vinyl trim. weight range is 110 to 270 Lbs.
Ductowire C-100-B5 Collector Shoe Inserts CM Hook Latch #2
Our Price: $12.50
Our Price: $13.90
Ductowire C-100-B5 Collector Shoe Inserts CM Hook Latch Kit - Size #2  Pt.#595522
Ductowire C-100-B5 Collector Shoe Inserts
              Series C and P Contact Shoe  -  5" Long x 1/4" Wide
Crosby S-4055 Hook Latch Kit  Pt.#1090143



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crane horn with strobe

Our Price: $235.00
crane horn with strobe
Compact Horn Strobe combo for applications requiring more flash intensity. This economical setup in combination with a Multi-Tone Horn has the following tones: Horn, Bell, March Time Horn, Code-3 Horn, Code-3 Tone, Slow Whoop, Siren, Hi/Lo - all dip switch field selectable.

The Multi-Tone Horn/Strobe is designed with a 1/2" conduit entry at the bottom of the junction box. The strobe light used for this combination is the Tomar Brand Microstrobe.

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