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Crane Cab Seat Crane Cab Heater
Our Price: $995.00
Our Price: $475.50
Crane Cab Seat Crane Cab Heater
United Crane Cab Seat - Pt.#KAB-87514, Mechanical suspension with shock damper, 2 in. stroke, Low seat back profile, Full range backrest recline,
                                   Heavy Duty double locking slide rails, Black waterproof vinyl trim. weight range is 110 to 270 Lbs.
Crane Cab Heater w/ switch
Natural convection heaters are ideal for heating crane cabs, guard houses and other normally unheated areas. All heaters feature heavy-duty wirewound heating elements mounted in a rugged galvanized steel enclosure with perforated cover. All units are suitable for floor or wall mounting and have convenient knockouts for permanent conduit installation. Heavy-duty DC rated switches are also available for on/off or multiple heat settings.
Electromotive SBN-2-WS Translube Lube Sticks
Our Price: $95.70
Our Price: $10.50
Electromotive SBN-2-WS  2 Button - All two speed Translube Lube Sticks
Electromotive SBN-2-WS    2 Button - All two speed buttons 66031 Translube Lubricating Sticks.  Easily installs into Lubestick holder (87047) sold separately.
ENRANGE FLEX-8EX Wireless Radio Remote Control System 8Button-4Motions Air Tool Lubricant
List Price: $1,245.00
Our Price: $982.00
You save $263.00!
Our Price: $67.80
ENRANGE FLEX-8EX Wireless Radio Remote Control System  8Button-4Motions Air Tool Lubricant
Enrange FLEX-8EX Wireless Radio Remote Control System,  8 button or 4 motions.  2 Speed
         buttons.  System is easily installed with complete instructions and operation manual.
         No FCC requirements.  Transmitters are powered by (2) AA Batteries.  Comes complete
         with Receiver and (2) Transmitters.  Shoulder strap included.  Removable power key switch.
Air Tool Lubricant, Type ISO 32, Size 1 Gallon, Temp Range -20 to 230 F, Flash Point 446 F, VOC Content 0%, Specific Gravity 0.878, Film Type oily, Biodegradable, Cleans and Prevents Corrosion, Compatible with Most Air Tool Elastomers, No VOCs, Nonflammable, For Rotary and Reciprocating Air Tools, Chipping Hammers, Impact Wrenches, Air Motors, Grinders, Reamers, Drills, Natural Ester Vegetable Oil Base, ASTM D-5864 Pw1, USDA BioPreferred Program, USDA Food Grade H1



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Blackbear YL-100 Lever Hoist

Our Price: $185.00
Blackbear YL-100 Lever Hoist
BlackBear Lever Hoist - 2200 Lbs. Capacity with 10' chain. Single Chain Fall
Heavy Duty.

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