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Crane Pan Seat Crane Cab Seat Sears Cab Seating with Swivel and Armrest
Our Price: $128.50
Our Price: $995.00
Our Price: $1,210.00
United Pan Seats - Crane and Equipment Seat, Foam Padding with PVC vinyl trim,
                           Rigid Steel pan, drainage grooves and holes, includes slide rails, seat belt,
United Crane Cab Seat - Pt.#KAB-87514, Mechanical suspension with shock damper, 2 in. stroke, Low seat back profile, Full range backrest recline,
                                   Heavy Duty double locking slide rails, Black waterproof vinyl trim. weight range is 110 to 270 Lbs.
Sears Seating 1715E/T FLM, Black Vinyl, Includes Swivel Part No:    122.0103
•XLowProfile mechanical suspension
•Includes Slides, 80 mm stroke
•Black Vinyl Seat Top (available in Gray fabric)
•Operator Presence Switch
•Swivel (12 degree R, 6 degree L)
Crane Cab Seat KAB 525HB-KS, Mechanical Suspension
Our Price: $1,315.00
Our Price: $1,721.28
United Crane Cab Seat - Pt.#SS-SA19700.901, Heavy Duty mechanical suspension with shock damper, 4 in. stroke, Mid Height seat back profile, Adjustable lumbar
                                   support, seat belt anchorage to ISO 6683 & SAE J386, double locking slide rails. Operator weight 110 to 290 lbs.
Quality Seating at its finest.  KAB / Seating with Heavy Duty Backrest
•Heavy duty mechanical suspension (4 in. stroke) with double shock dampers
 Pt. #KAB 525HB-KS, Mechanical Suspension
•2.25 in. seat cushion vertical adjustment range, and seat cushion front & back will tilt independently in the same range
•Heavy duty reinforced seatback frame with rotary recliner
•Pneumatic lumbar support
•High profile backrest with full range recline
•Double locking sliderails - located below suspension
•Seat belt to anchorage ISO 6683 & SAE J386 (15kN)
•Includes headrest, armrests, double dampers and steel cable tethers